We Exist To Drive More B2B Leads & Actual Booked Sales Meetings For Your Video Production Company!

We Do All The Prospecting & Get Qualified Sales Meetings Booked On Your CRM So Your Sales Team Can Focus On Making More Sales.

We leverage our expertise in B2B Outreach & Sales Meeting Setting to drive more leads & actual sales meetings for your video production company. Whether you want more enterprise clients, strategic referral partners, or more referrals from current clients, B2B Prospecting Team can help.

Our Process For Generating You B2B Leads & Booked Sales Meetings

(1) Understanding Your Business

Every process we have starts with the foundation, getting to know your business, your offers, and your target prospects really, really well. This will help us find the best channels to start searching for your perfect prospects to build a list of leads to reach out to. Whether you’re trying to maintain a 10% growth rate or close more enterprise deals, we’re here to help!

(2) Researching Your Ideal Prospects

Based on the information you provide, along with our own research, we will build your database of prospects. This involves identifying your ideal clients and systematically organizing a list of highly targeted key decision makers to initiate conversations with over email.

(3) Personalized Direct Outreach

From there, we’ll move to your messaging and direct outreach campaign. We will use what we researched about each prospect and craft a personalized message, customized for each prospect, to ensure the highest response and meeting book rate.

Our methodology uses our perfected blend of handwritten, personalized emails and cold call outreach to get your prospects to commit to booking a meeting to speak with a member of your sales team about doing business with your company.

(4) Consistent & Professional Follow Up

Research has proven that it typically takes between 5 and 12 touch points before a prospect will buy or agree to a sales meeting. Our follow up systems will make sure that when they are ready to move forward, that YOU are the one that they think of.

For all the leads that do not reply after a certain amount of days, we will craft another personalized email for a follow up. Usually this is 3-7 days after the initial email. We also keep track of all of the emails to see if the leads opened up your email. Sometimes, leads forget to reply or they are just too busy and that is why following up with a personal email is extremely powerful.

Our team will also be putting in periodic follow up calls to the prospects who do not reply to our emails, which we have found significantly increases our chances of getting your prospects to book a meeting with a member of your sales team.

(5) Get B2B Leads & Sales Meetings Booked Directly On Your CRM!

Once the prospect commits to speaking with you, we will schedule a sales meeting with that prospect directly on your sales team’s CRM. By leveraging our B2B Prospecting Team, your sales staff can focus their time on pushing more deals forward and producing revenue, rather than getting bogged down in the grind of prospecting.

(6) Unlimited Support

We generally respond to all support questions within 24 hours and can be extremely flexible when it comes to custom targeting and filtering for leads. We believe that communication is key to a long term partnership.

(7) Quarterly Reviews

While we provide monthly progress reports every thirty days, at the end of each 90 day period, we will schedule a quarterly review with you that surveys every service that we provided, the results we generated, areas for improvement, and our new initiatives we will be implementing for you during the next quarter to improve performance.

What You Will Get

Grow Your Brand

Become the only video production company your customers think of when they think of creating video content.

More Sales Meetings

Our clients see substantial increases in their number of inbound leads and meetings, some as much as 4-5x as many leads within 3 months.

Save Time

We handle the grind of prospecting so you can spend less time prospecting & more time selling. Give us a KPI to hit and we’ll get it done.

Drive Traffic

Our clients typically see between a 50% – 100% increase in traffic within three months of starting.

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